Terms & Conditions

By accepting services from Baby of Mine you agree to the below and accept these as the  Terms and Conditions:

  1. To follow safe sleeping practices in line with SIDS recommendations

  2. To check with your GP if your child has any medical conditions which should be reviewed either prior to consultation or upon recommendation from Baby of Mine

  3. To disclose any medical or health condition your child has to Baby of Mine

  4. Baby of Mine’s advice is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health practitioner regarding any matters that may require medical attention or diagnosis, and before following the advice provided by Baby of Mine.  

  5. All tailored recommendations are intended for your child only and should not be shared with a third party as every child and every situation can be different

  6. Baby of Mine is a proponent of gentle and responsive methods.  If there are specific circumstances where quicker changes are recommended, it critical that you adhere to the instructions provided by Baby of Mine

  7. If there is a change of mind with the service once the service has begun due to not wanting this approach for sleep support then some of the service cost may be retained to cover the cost of services provided to that point.

  8. For the Sleep Nurture and Sleep Nurture PLUS services:

    • Please advise Baby of Mine when you are starting your Sleep Diary to enable Baby of Mine to give you the best service as no reviews or support will commence until you advise you have begun

    • If you don’t contact Baby of Mine after your initial consultation, Baby of Mine will endeavour to follow up with you but ask that you communicate your next steps

    • The Sleep Diary should be started within 3 weeks of the initial consultation. If there are extenuating circumstances such as illness or issues please inform Baby of Mine so there is clarity regarding delays. 

    • If the Sleep Diary is started more than 1 month after the initial consultation, and further review is required to understand changes in circumstances since the initial consultation, there may be a small fee associated to reviewing the situation or one of the/the 30 minute checkpoint/s can be used to review as required

    • If Baby of Mine doesn’t hear back from you after the initial consultation and there is no response to further contact from Baby of Mine, the assumption will be made that you are comfortable to continue without any further support

    • Please complete your Sleep Diary and 30 minute review point/s within the designated period unless otherwise agreed. It’s understandable that there are circumstances that arise but just ask you stay in touch to advise if you need the period extended. Sleep Nurture = 6 weeks from consultation.Sleep Nurture PLUS = 8 weeks from consultation.

  9. Outcomes of the sleep coaching support will be dependent on many factors including but not limited to:

    • The child’s age, development, personality and unique sleep needs

    • What recommendations are put into place and how these are applied

    • General health

  10. Refund Policy:

  • If a refund is requested at least 2 business days prior to your initial consultation then a full refund will be provided to you

  • For Sleep Nurture and Sleep Nurture PLUS services, if a refund is requested after your consultation but prior to your summary being prepared you may receive a refund of $125 and $275 respectively

  • For Sleep Nurture and Sleep Nurture PLUS services, if a refund is requested after your consultation and after your summary has been prepared you may receive a refund of $75 and $225 respectively

  • If the support service is not used up, no refund will be provided unless at the discretion of Baby of Mine.