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Terms & Conditions

By accepting services from Baby of Mine you agree to the below and accept these as the Terms and Conditions of your service:


  1. To follow safe sleeping practices in line with SIDS recommendations

  2. To check with your GP if your child has any medical conditions which should be reviewed either prior to consultation or upon recommendation from Baby of Mine

  3. To disclose any medical or health condition your child has to Baby of Mine

  4. Baby of Mine’s advice is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health practitioner/s regarding any matters that may require medical attention or diagnosis, and before following the advice provided by Baby of Mine.  

  5. All tailored recommendations are intended for your child only and should not be shared with a third party as every child and every situation can be different

  6. You have understood the responsive, gentle, respectful and holistic approach of Baby of Mine and you are willing to be supported with recommendations and guidance that align to this approach

  7. Baby of Mine is a proponent of gentle and responsive methods.  If there are specific circumstances where quicker changes are recommended, it is critical that you adhere to the instructions provided by Baby of Mine

  8. Support Period:

Sleep Connect:

  • The 5 days of email support commences the business day after your consultation unless otherwise agreed to with Baby of Mine

  • The 5 days of support are consecutive days with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays as email support is offered Monday to Friday.  When the 5-day period crosses the weekend, the support will be picked back up on the Monday and carried through for the full 5 days

  • The email support is to answer questions about the recommendations discussed in the consultation and as you begin to apply those recommendations

  • One email will be responded to per day and any further support will be at the discretion of Baby of Mine

Sleep Nurture & Nurture PLUS:


  • The Support Period (Sleep Nurture 6 weeks and Sleep Nurture PLUS 8 weeks) commences the business day after you are sent the written summary

  • This support period includes your Sleep Diary and the support options available to you (Sleep Nurture: 2 Support Options, Sleep Nurture PLUS: 4 Support Options. 

  • If there is an agreement not to use the Sleep Diary, Baby of Mine will confirm what your support alternative is which is to also be used within the Support Period

  • Sleep Nurture PLUS provides you with an additional 30-minute video consultation 6 months after your initial consultation date.

  • If you need to pause your Support Period due to medical or other reasons, please contact Baby of Mine in writing to arrange the details during your Support Period.

  • Given that each situation with each child and family is different, the pace of changes will vary and the Baby of Mine approach is to work responsively for all, the full list of recommendations may not be applied in the Support Period so you will continue to progress after the Support Period and you may wish to purchase further support as you apply those changes

  • If you don’t contact Baby of Mine after your initial consultation, Baby of Mine will follow up with you but asks that you communicate your next steps

  • If Baby of Mine does not hear back from you after the initial consultation and there is no response to further contact from Baby of Mine, the assumption will be that you wish to continue without any further support

  • Baby of Mine will remind you about booking in your support options however it remains your responsibility to book in your support options within the Support Period.

  • Baby of Mine will always serve with the intention of offering flexibility around life challenges that can arise however, if Baby of Mine has not heard back from you and/or you have not arranged a pause of your support period and/or you have not used your support options, within your Support Period and you contact Baby of Mine after the Support Period to recommence your service, there may be a further cost involved.  This is to account for any further review that is required to ensure that the recommendations and support offered are best for the current situation with your child.  The timing of when the service can recommence will be based on availability.


 Sleep Diary

o   Please advise Baby of Mine when you are starting your Sleep Diary to enable Baby of Mine to give you the best service. No reviews or support will commence until you advise that you have begun
o   The initial Sleep Diary period is for 7 consecutive days Sleep Nurture and 14 consecutive days Sleep Nurture PLUS.

o   If you opt for the additional 5 days of Sleep Diary as your support option/s, these will be 5 consecutive days

o   Feedback on the Sleep Diary will be made between Monday to Saturday.  Feedback on your Sunday will be provided on the Monday.

Text Support

o   Text support services will be between the hours of 8am to 8pm AEST Monday to Friday. If your text support period crosses the weekend, your support will continue on the Monday.

o   All efforts will be made to respond within 3 hours of your message with the aim to respond as soon as possible


8.    Given the nature of this support is responsive and adaptive both to your child and also you as parents, this means that the pace at which we move through recommendations will be done sensitively to ensure it is the right fit for all.  While we will aim to get through as many of the recommendations or aims as relevant for each service within the service period, each situation will be different.  For some this means that things happen quickly within this service period and for others the journey with their child's sleep situation and recommendations may be longer than this service period.


9. There are no guarantees made about the sleep outcomes for your child during this service.  This approach is evidence-based and therefore we acknowledge that there are many aspects of infant and child sleep that are outside of any person's control.

10.    Refund Policy: All refunds are at the sole discretion of Baby of Mine however refunds will not be provided for change of mind about the service or the approach to sleep and parenting.

11. Cancellation Policy:  Any cancellation must be in writing and if this is received less than 3 business days prior to the initial consultation, this may result in retention of 40% of the full sum of the service.

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