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Sleep Nurture PLUS

The Sleep Nurture PLUS service is the highest level of support which offers you a detailed written summary of the consultation and an intensive and extended support period after the initial consultation. This means we begin a journey together as you adopt the recommendations and have more time to observe, review and adapt along the way.

If you are unsure which service level is going to suit you best, please contact me here so we can chat. Payment plans available.

This services includes:


  • Extensive questionnaire:  This is the starting point prior to your consultation to enable me to get a comprehensive understanding of your child, your family and your situation with sleep.  This covers all aspects of your child and family however it's just the start of our conversation.  No plans are formed on the basis of your questionnaire.

  • Video consultation: We will spend 1-1.5 hours together to delve further into your individual situation, discuss your goals and collaboratively come up with an action list and how we may stage these actions. This session also focuses on removing the burden of misinformation, equipping you with great knowledge that can help you now but also on your continued journey of sleep.


  • Recording of consultation: You will receive copy of the video which will be emailed to you for your ongoing reference

  • Detailed written summary: This will include all recommendations and discussion points covered in your video consultation.  When you are tired and busy this can be invaluable as a reference point to ensure you gain the most value from the consultation. This will also include some of the sleep basics for both now and moving forwards.

  • 2 weeks Sleep Diary with Text Support: We will walk closely together through the first 14 days/nights of your journey where you will be given guidance every day of your online sleep diary.  This is a period of ongoing insight, learning, reviewing, adapting and encouraging.  At the end of the Diary period, there will be a review point to ensure you are clear and confident as you continue with the recommendations into the Support Period.


  • 4 Support Sessions: In the 8 weeks after your Sleep Diary, you will have four support sessions available which can be selected from list below.  Given each situation and each family is different, the aim is that the support best suits your needs.  The choices for support are made as we go so no front decisions are needed.

a) 1 x 30 minute video session

b) 5 days text support

c) 5 days more Sleep Diary

  • Wrap Up Review:  At the end of the Support Period, we will have a final review of the journey to ensure you have clarity on where to next as we acknowledge the ongoing nature of sleep development and changes to sleep.

  • Bonus 30 min chat: Available any time in the 6 months after the service is complete.

  • Baby of Mine Sleep Village:  You will be invited to Facebook group full of like-minded parents where you can ask questions, receive encouragement and support, access great content, take part in Q&A's and more

Sleep Nurture PLUS
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