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Sleep Connect

The Sleep Connect service is an option if you would value a consultation with some basic follow-on support.  This is also ideal for less complex sleep scenarios.  Any family that completes the Sleep Connect can book the Sleep Refresh consultation in the 2 months after the consultation for a brief follow up consultation.


If you are unsure which service will best suit you, please contact me here and we can chat through it.

The Sleep Connect includes:

  • Extensive questionnaire:  This serves as a starting point prior to your consultation to enable me to get a comprehensive understanding of your child, your family and your situation with sleep.  This covers all aspects of your child and family.

  • Video consultation: We will spend 1 hour to delve further into your individual situation and discuss your goals. You will come away from this session with an understanding about what is happening for your child and with guidance and recommendations for changes.

  • Recording of consultation: You will receive copy of the video which will be emailed to you for your ongoing reference

  • 5 days email support: You can email me in the 5 days after our consultation to have questions answered.

  • Baby of Mine Sleep Village:  You will be invited to Facebook group full of like-minded parents where you can ask questions, receive encouragement and support, access great content, take part in Q&A's and more. 

Sleep Connect
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