Services Overview

Every service is tailored to you and your family so you can select which level of service best suits you and your needs.  Scroll down to see an image that gives you a high-level overview to make it easier to compare each service.

The Sleep Connect service is the entry level of service and is recommended for any family that just wants to have the video consultation without any follow up support. 

The Sleep Nurture and Sleep Nurture PLUS services are more a journey together with differing levels of follow up support.  These services also include a written summary of the consultation which many parents find useful to have as a reference when life is busy and it's hard to remember everything.

More detail is available about each service via the Services menu where you can also book your service at your convenience.  If you are not sure which service is best for you then please do get in touch here and we can discuss options.  I can also create bespoke offerings.

Please note there is also Sleep Refresh service that is available as an add on to any of the below services within 2 months of your initial service.  Find out more here

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