Please note this service is ONLY available for those who have completed the Sleep Sense program in approximately the last 3 months who need a short call to touch up on some points or issues that have arisen.  

Please book your phone consultation and we will contact you at that time. If you're unable to answer at that time we will try you a second time within that time slot. If we still cannot reach you, out of courtesy to other bookings, we will need you to rebook your consultation. 

Also please note that if during your consultation it becomes clear that the situation is complex and/or more support is required we may suggest you upgrade your service to the Refresher program for an additional $50. This will enable us to provide you the adequate support (1 week unlimited support) after the call to assist you.

Sleep Tribe - 30 minute phone consultation


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    Are you a previous client and need further support? Click here to book a Post Sleep Coaching Support consultation.

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