Toddlers & The Power Of Choice

For anyone who has a toddler you will know that they love to be able to have choices and options! It can be both a beautiful thing and also a struggle. This article below from Science Mom Alice Callahan, is a fantastic reminder about how capable our kids can be and what can happen when we engage them. This article can also raise the question, "How does this work when it comes to sleep?" We can't just give them a choice of whether they do or don't sleep right? However there are many ways you can use the power of choice when it comes to bedtime and sleep. This enables your toddler to feel involved, gives them opportunities to enjoy independence and provides them a sense of self-pride.

Below are some examples of how you can bring choice into the sleep journey with toddlers. Bear in mind that younger children will manage better with just two options. As children get older they can then manage more open-ended choices.

1. Which pyjamas to wear 2. Which book to read 3. Choose whether to brush their hair in their room or the bathroom 4. Which bedtime song

While children gain security from predictability and having your confident loving leadership, it's great to get them involved too.

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