The Science of Sleep

We love providing information like this article that is based on research, science, compassion and love. Loads of great information to read in this article but some big take away points below. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

1. Sleep training works - there are many methods but the research shows that "sleep training leads to reduced bedtime struggles, fewer night wakings, longer sleep for both baby and parents, better maternal mental health, and improved baby temperament and mood" YES PLEASE!

2. There is no evidence that sleep training will hurt your child - check out what this article uncovers about the research you may have read about damaging your kids. Let us know if you want more info too as it can be frightening as a parent to think you will do long term damage!!

3. Sleep training requires sensitive parenting and careful planning - we see people being shamed for sleep training as if they are uncaring parents who just don't realise being tired is part of being a parent and that they are not truly responding to the needs of their child. We would suggest otherwise and in fact the complete opposite. There are plenty of things to keep us busy enough being amazing parents in the day without also not getting sleep once our babies are a bit older. More importantly our kids NEED deep nourishing sleep for their minds and bodies.

4. Be aware that sleep training doesn’t work for every baby - and we can work with you to work out what's right for you and your family.

5. Sleep deprivation is TOUGH! See what this article shows about a study done to try to replicate what parents go through with night wakings. Being tired as a parent is nearly worn like a badge of honour but the reality is we can ALL get better sleep and reduce the crazy that comes from a tired brain.

6. Babies who can fall asleep independently and without props typically sleep better through the night - this is exactly our premise with the Sleep Sense program.

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