Starting Solids - How Do You Know Bub Is Ready?

This is some very helpful information from Registered Dietitian and child nutritionist, Natalia Stasenko who has the website

Deciding whether or not your baby is ready for solids can be quite a challenge. Here are some of the thoughts that may be running though your head:

"My baby is only 4.5 months but really watches every bite I take! Is she ready for solids?"

"My baby started waking up at night. He must be ready so I’d better start solids"

"She is so tiny, I’d better start solids to give her more calories."

"He is so big, he will probably need solids before other kids his age."

The truth is, none of these facts can be a primary reason to start solids with your baby.

  • Babies watch us eating because they are fascinated by the process, not necessarily because they are hungry for solid foods.

  • Solids do not help babies sleep through the night. They only eat a few bites the first couple of weeks anyway so calorically it is almost nothing.

  • For the same reason, the size of the baby is not a determinant of when solids should be started.

Here are the signs that your baby is ready for solids (typically at around 6 months of age):

1) Can sit up with some support - Most babies are able to sit unsupported by 6-7 months but a little wobbliness is not a problem if you can fix it easily with rolled up kitchen towels placed on both sides of the high chair.

2) Has neck/head control and can hold them still. This is extremely important for preventing choking.

3) Her thrust instinct has diminished and she does not push the food out of her mouth with the tongue.

4) If you try to feed her puree, she can close her lips over the spoon and can keep the puree in her mouth OR if you give her a long, graspable piece of finger food, she tries to grab it with her hand and bring it to her mouth

We hope you find this information helpful in the exciting journey of your little one starting solids

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