Screen time as part of Bedtime or Rest Routine?

We have heard a few conversations lately about babies and toddlers 'resting' by watching TV or watching the Ipad or having that as some 'downtime' before bedtime. We thought we might share our thoughts. Firstly, this isn't a post about banning the use of TV and Ipads and if you're looking for some amazing evidence-based research and guidance we encourage you to check out Dr Kristy Goodwin at

What we want to share with you is that:

1. TV stimulates the mind - this isn't likely news to any of you. As your baby gets older and they drop their day nap we encourage them to keep a 'rest time' in the day. A 30 minute period of time where they physically and mentally rest. Using TV's and Ipads for rest time isn't really giving your little one true rest and instead it stimulates their minds. They can have a few toys in their bed for quiet play or even an audio book.

2. Blue light impacts sleep readiness - having screen time as part of a child's bedtime routine is very counter-productive to them preparing for sleep in particular the impact it has in reducing melatonin, an important sleep-inducing hormone.

So if screen time is part of your child's rest routine or sleep routine then we encourage you to rethink.

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