It’s Okay to be Scared – 5 Steps for Easing Bedtime Fears

A recent discussion on another page inspired this post to take a look at what happens when toddlers and older children start to show fear about being in bed at night. For any of who have walked this path you know how tough it can be to work out what to do. You don't want to dismiss the feelings and thoughts but do we sometimes err on the side of 'wanting to just make it all go away' for our children?

Let's look at the example that got us thinking.........Monster Spray. We know Monster Spray can be something fun and as you know we're not a judgmental community but let's use this as an example and take a moment to think what is the message we're sending with that response. Are we actually saying 'Yes, there are monsters but here is a spray that will make them go away'? Are we not reinforcing that monsters are real? But how do we deal with it then?

This article by Janet Lansbury is a great read to give you some ideas for an approach. It shows deep respect for your child's emotions and also gives them a great anchor through your calm leadership. Just like us adults, there is great impact when children feel heard and understood.

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