Hold your will be worth it

We found this beautiful image that really helps show what's important in the 4th Trimester....those first 3 months of a newborn's life. We often see questions from well-meaning loving parents in various avenues asking about getting their newborns into a routine and concerns about the baby needing to be held and so forth. We see new parents often surprised by how much contact a newborn needs and it can be a bit of a shock to the system sometimes as new parents come to terms with how much life gets turned on it's head in these first months.

Our babies really do need us. Of course there are elements we can introduce for these little souls in their newborn world but this is a great reminder about how much adjusting they are doing and how much security we can provide to them at this time.

This is also why we offer a Newborn Foundations program which is mainly about education and laying some building blocks but we don't do sleep coaching until babies are older and well passed this important 4th Trimester.

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