Baby's Sleep Suddenly Changed? What's Going On??

Any parent will know that a baby’s sleep habits and wants/needs can literally change overnight! It sure can be confusing sometimes. What worked well for a few weeks with their sleep suddenly changes and it can be difficult to know what’s going on and what to do.

So here are a few things to think about when it comes to changes in baby’s sleep. The following are a list of some common signs that may indicate something is changing if these were not happening before:

1. Struggling to get to sleep during day or night 2. Night wakings or increased night wakings 3. Night wakings with upset/crying 4. Short naps 5. Early wakings 6. The ‘sleep props’ that were working are not working now or more layers of props are needed. Example, dummy plus rocking plus holding to sleep.

So what can these signs mean?

1. Awake time resilience may be shifting 2. May be transitioning to dropping one of the naps 3. Sickness 4. Developmental milestone with increased brain activity 5. Poor day sleep with lots of movement sleep creating tiredness 6. Normal development shifts in sleep

The big question is what do you do?

1. A first check which is always a great start point is check if it is about the time when the awake resilience needs to shift 2. If it’s time to transition naps and drop a nap then review one of our videos on our FB page for some tips 3. If it’s developmental then stay calm, consistent and predictable with your response and ride out the shift 4. If it’s developmental in terms of new skills then you want to also ensure that they are having lots of practice of their new skills during awake time 5. Avoid introducing new sleep props (sickness is the exception as you need to tend to your child based on their needs when they are sick) 6. If you have been out and about for lots of day naps then you may need to consider having more naps at home in their own still bed 7. If your child is struggling to find independent sleep and they are 5+ months then consider contacting us for our amazing sleep program

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