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Are you feeding to sleep without even realising?

Have you heard of the word ‘soporific’?

adjective 1. tending to induce drowsiness or sleep. "the motion of the train had a somewhat soporific effect"

noun 1. a drug or other substance that induces drowsiness or sleep.

So what does this have to do with anything?

Did you know that even though a baby doesn’t fall asleep while feeding, any feed that takes place in about the last 20 minutes before sleeping can have this soporific impact and become a key part of how they fall asleep?

So while it’s not feeding to sleep all the way, a bub can become highly dependent on that soporific effect in order to fall asleep. The key thing to remember here is that this can then mean that night wakings may result in an upset bub wanting and needing that same effect to get back to sleep as that's the only way they know to find sleep. Certainly we know that this can create confusion for parents because they will try to feed the bub when they wake in the night but bub has a few sucks and then falls back asleep. This can go on and on through the night and then lead to more sleep props and issues.

As we ALWAYS say, remember if you want to feed to sleep and it’s how you want to parent and it’s working for you then go for it. We don’t judge. We just present another way and practical information to help parents make informed decisions about sleep and their children.

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