6 Interesting Newborn Facts

1. Awake at night: Newborns are frequently wakeful at night during the first 2-3 weeks of their lives as their body clocks being to adjust to the outside world.

2. Sleeping in the dark during the day: It’s actually important to keep newborns sleeping in the dark both day and night to avoid over stimulation and allow the baby to achieve deeper sleep in the day. No need to worry about too much sleep in the newborn period as sleep begets sleep. However your baby needs frequent feeds during the day so make sure you are feeding in the day light then back to sleep in the dark during the day

3. Awake Time: Tiredness is a newborns enemy and they can only manage to stay awake for about 1 hour before they are ready for another nap. Newborns just need to eat and sleep

4. Falling asleep on their own: Some newborns can actually fall asleep on their own placed into their sleep space with eyes wide open! Time to time we hear parents say they just put their baby down to go and do something and when they came back their baby was asleep. Before anyone gets their knickers in a knot please know we understand newborns need a lot of support to find sleep. It’s just something good to know

5. Fermenting: Newborns digestion resembles fermentation. A simple explanation is their digestive enzymes are still maturing so the milk actually ferments this may result in lots of gas and frequent runny even explosive poos. Remember your baby has never experienced the feeling of passing wind. It may wake that sleeping baby. Newborn sleep is so much lighter. Leading to more crying at times. The digestive system seems to mature around 6-8 weeks when exclusively breastfed babies may not poo for anywhere up to a week at a time. Their poos also change consistency as a result

6. ‘Scrunchy bodies’: Newborns bodies are all ‘scrunched up’ – flexed- and this can sometimes cause parents confusion. When they cry they pull their legs up to their tummy, they clench their fists and become very red in the face. Often parents immediately assume their baby is in pain. However this is just the way a newborn cries.

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