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Sleep Tribe Post Program Support

For those who have completed the Sleep Sense Program

PLEASE NOTE: these services are only for those who have completed the Sleep Sense Program with the child that requires support.

There are three tiers of support available after completion of the Sleep Sense Program. 

  1. Post program support call

  2. Post program refresher

  3. Post program refresher


Due to the range of impactful variables the can affect your child and their environment, we are unable to confirm which tier of support you will require until we review your new questionnaire submission, and in some instances speak with you.  We want to ensure that you and your little one receive the right support for your needs.

Everyone seeking support needs to:

a) Book in the 30 minute phone appointment.

b) Complete the questionnaire (link included on appointment confirmation)

Once the questionnaire has been reviewed, we will call you for your phone appointment and recommend a tier of support that will best suit your situation.  You can then finalise the additional payment and continue with the appropriate support to get your family back on track. 

Three Tiers of Support


1. Post Program Support Call $30

This is for simple situations where a 30 minute phone call alone will be sufficient. Some examples may be:

- Completed program very recently and need to ask a few more questions.

- Completed program several months ago but issues with jet lag and need some customised support.

- Completed program recently but then child became ill and need some basic support for next steps

What you will get:

- Questionnaire Review

- 30 minute phone consultation


2. Refresher $80

This is for slightly more complex situations where some support will be required after the phone consultation. Some examples may be:


- Completed program several months ago and have reintroduced some sleep props.

- Completed program but then a few months later new baby arrived and ended up with some challenges and now one of you is sleeping with your child as the only way you can get them to sleep.

- Completed program a while ago and everything has been consistently great and you have kept up the methods but now there has been a major and sudden shift and you don’t know what to do.


What you will get:

- Questionnaire Review.

- 30 minute phone consultation.

- 1 week of unlimited phone, text and email support.

3. Reset

This is for more complex situations where some a new Sleep Plan as well as support will be required after the phone consultation. Some examples may be:

- Completed program a year ago and things changed about 3 months ago and everything has

gone out the window.

- Did the program when child was 6 months and now they are 2.5 years old.

- Have reintroduced several layers of props with child and these props have now been in. place for several months.

What you will get:

- Questionnaire Review

- 30 minute phone consultation

- New Sleep Plan

- 1 week of unlimited phone, text and email support



​We will contact you at the time of your appointment. If you're unable to answer at that time we will try you a second time within that time slot. If we still cannot reach you, out of courtesy to other bookings, we will need you to rebook your consultation.

When your baby is going through some changes with their sleep and you need to reconnect with Baby of Mine the post program support is a life saver. Please complete the q...
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