Frequently Asked Questions


By accepting our services you agree to the below and accept these as our Terms and Conditions:

  1. To follow safe sleeping practices in line with SIDS recommendations

  2. To check with your GP if your child has any medical conditions which prevent them from being sleep trained safely

  3. To disclose any medical condition your child has to Baby of Mine

  4. To pay for the program in full prior to the plan being sent to you

  5. Your customised Sleep Plan is intended for your child only and should not be shared with a third party

  6. If Baby of Mine does not hear from you for a period of time during the program or if you miss a pre-arranged call/meeting time, Baby of Mine will assume that you are comfortable to continue without support

  7. Baby of Mine’s advice is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health practitioner regarding any matters that may require medical attention or diagnosis, and before following the advice and using the techniques described in the Sleep Sense program.  Reliance on any information provided by Baby of Mine is solely at your own risk

  8. If upon completion of the program you revert to previous practices used prior to completing the Sleep Sense program there is a strong risk that your child’s sleep will revert to the condition it was prior to completing the Sleep Sense Program

  9. Not following the Sleep Plan or the guidance/instruction of Baby of Mine through the program will likely result in less successful outcomes or delays in achieving the outcomes

  10. The outcomes achieved within the program will vary from child to child and is dependent on numerous factors outside of Baby of Mine’s control.  The ongoing progress of your child will be dependent on persistence and consistency beyond the program.

  11. You will be required to commence your program within 3 weeks of receiving your Sleep Plan or Information.  If there are extenuating circumstances such as illness or issues you are required to inform Baby of Mine so we can be clear regarding delays. 

  12. If there is a lengthy delay between receiving your Sleep Plan after your Consultation and commencing the program you may be required to complete a new questionnaire and there may be a $30 administrative fee required to cover the cost of reviewing the new questionnaire.

  13. You will be required to advise which night you are commencing the program with us PRIOR to commencing the program so we can best support you.  If you start the program without advising Baby of Mine then we cannot provide assurance about outcomes and will deem the first night you began the program as Night 1 of the program. 

  14. If we do not hear from you regarding when you wish to start the program we will attempt to make contact to identify your start date.  If we do not receive response we will make the assumption you have decided not to proceed with the program and will respect that decision by not pursuing you further.

  15. Refund Policy:

  • Opting out of program prior to Home/Phone Consultation results in us retaining a $60 fee to cover administrative costs.

  • Opting out of the program after the Home/Phone Consultation but before you receive your Sleep Plan results in us retaining $140.

  • Opting out of the program after the Home/Phone Consultation and after receiving your Sleep Plan results in us retaining $180.

What is your Sleep Coaching philsophy and approach?

Our Sleep Coaching approach is evidence and research-based so everything we do is based on these critical foundations. Our approach is gentle, holistic and based on responsive parenting. We review sleep as part of the whole picture of a child and family's world and everything we recommend is based on this whole understanding. The holistic philosophy is one of truly understanding a family, a child and what is happening and determining the best way to support sleep for that child and family. This means that our approach will vary as needed. There are some changes for a child that can be done quickly and in fact for some changes and circumstances this works better. There are other changes for a child that we would encourage happen gradually. It will depend on many factors to determine what changes to make and at what pace. Our aim is to create gentle change for children where possible and minimise upset. We are not proponents of Cry It Out methods or leaving an upset child alone. We are passionate to help parents understand sleep, understand their child's current circumstance and to provide recommendations for where things can be shifted to support improved sleep in a positive and respectful way. We consistently see that parents gain so much calm and confidence when armed with knowledge about sleep and with a clear way to support the sleep needs of their child.

Will there be crying involved?

Everything we do places the child and family at the centre. Critically important is your presence near your baby to support them gently, gradually and with empathy. We do not support Cry It Out or Controlled Crying methods and what is important is that we find an approach that suits your parenting style, is biologically and developmentally appropriate and takes into account the personality of your child among many other factors. Everything we do is with the focus of your child's well-being. We do not support extended periods of crying and we do not support leaving a child unsupported.

Do you offer in-home services?

Our philosphy is one of empowering parents with clear knowledge and recommendations. We believe it's best for parents to be guided to support their child's sleep in their own environment with a focus on that attachment with the parents. We offer different levels of service to provide families with the level of support that best suits their needs so we can be involved as much or as little is wanted. We focus on excellent connection with the families we connect with through our video consultations and tailored support. We also find that with our approach being gradual and gentle, there is less angst for parents with implementing changes in their own home and having the confidence to do so.

How soon will I see changes in my child’s sleep?

This varies significantly depending on factors such as the age of the child, what has been happening prior to getting support from us, how long things have been going on the way they are, parenting styles, the solutions we recommend, how diligent people are with following the recommendations and more. There are times where a few simple changes will have a profound and fast impact. There are times when the changes will take time to really show impacts. Our recommendations are highly personalised and we are always realistic with famillies in our recommendations and open about expectations. We focus on knowledge about what is both developmentally and biologically normal to ensure we are not trying to fix something that is actually quite normal. Our approach is typically one of gentle gradual shifts and this requires time, patience, empathy and consistency. We do sometimes get scenarios where for a range of reasons a method needs to be fast. In these situations we will discuss this with the parents and identify the best way to minimise issues while aiming to move things along faster.

Are these methods suitable for all children?

Our methods are suitable for all children from newborn to 5 years as everything we do is tailored to what is developmentally and biologically appropriate. Please note that the guidance we provide around Newborns is based around laying foundations but with lots of contact, focus on attachment and responsiveness.

What locations can you support?

Given that our consultations are online this means we provide our services to anyone across Australia, New Zealand and anywhere across the globe where we can accomodate time zones.

When is the best time to use our Sleep Coaching services?

Unless you are about to travel, about to go through a major life change for your little one in the next couple of weeks or your child has health concerns that require medical clearance or attention then the answer is now. Literally, right now. Whether you're pregnant, have a Newborn or have a child up to 5 years of age, we can support you. Also remember that getting support can be about pre-empting challenges and getting some knowledge about sleep to avoid some of these challenges or know how to support your child's sleep through the various storms that are normal in their early years.

How do I know which is the best service type for my situation?

Our services are based on the level of support you wish to have for your situtation rather than the age and stage of your child. Every consultation and service with each family is tailored completely to each unique circumstance so any of our services are suitable for any age. You can take a look at the overview of three service offerings here to get a clearer view of which service you would prefer to book: Of course if you have questions or would like to discuss further, please feel free to get in touch.

Why is your approach with sleep different to before?

Glynis Howard drove some changes to the way we support sleep and families at the start of 2020. After years of working with families and children, and several years working as a Sleep Coach, she decided to shift her approach. This was based on what she was observing with children through her services, ongoing review of research and studies and the increasing information available about supporting children's sleep. Her decision was to move to follow her heart for being holistic and family-centred and ensure the approach used for each child and family was completely tailored. Rather than having program-based services the move was to enschange ure that each service was based on the right approach for that family. Sometimes change happens fast, sometimes it needs more time and it all depends on what the challenges are plus the myriad of other factors that influence sleep.