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Glynis and I often look back on the time we have worked together since 2017 and we realise that we have had the opportunity to support thousands of families.   It really has been such a joy! 

In 2020, Glynis took the decision to take a change of pace with life and also moved to the South Coast.  We had been talking about this for a couple of years and Glynis had encouraged me for a few years that I should become a Sleep Coach.  I felt I had been taught by the best, but with two young children it just hadn’t been the right time.  Glynis had also encouraged me that one day I should take the helm at Baby of Mine.  For years I had been running things in the background to release her to focus on supporting families and the thought that all the great work we had done and her legacy might just come to an end…….well, there was no way I was going to let that happen!   

It was my absolute honour in 2020 to be able to step forward as a Sleep Coach and also have Glynis hand ownership of Baby of Mine to me.  Glynis is still a pillar with Baby of Mine and is still here in the business although she no longer does sleep consultations.  Having her endorsement and blessing to move forwards has been wonderful and she will continue to share her expert knowledge and support. ​


More About Me

​I’m a mama to two children, Izzy (6) and Jack (2) and together with my husband we call the Northern Beaches of New South Wales home.  My entry into this motherhood gig was very rocky.  Traumatic birth ending in emergency c-section.  Struggles with feeding.  Baby losing weight.  Post Natal Anxiety.  Totally confused and stressed by all the differing views from support people.  Feeling like a total failure.   I was a mess when I first met Glynis who helped me all those years ago.   What a journey it's been since and it's this journey that began that passion to help other parents.

I personally understand how the joy can be robbed from these precious times with our little ones when we feel so much stress about sleep.  I love to help as I know first-hand what a difference it can make as a parent to understand sleep and know how to meet the sleep needs of our little ones. 

I have a passion for knowledge and am always learning, studying and seeking information that’s based in research and evidence.  Whether it’s sleep or renovations or parenting or gardening.  I want to understand the good stuff!

I love when we can share about parenthood with authenticity, not just the good easy stuff but also the tough stuff, the things that perhaps we feel unsure talking about.  I love that community that comes about from us being open with each other about the burdens we carry as parents that can make us feel so alone while we also laugh so hard our bellies hurt (or we wet ourselves or hold our c-section scars!!).  Empathy and compassion are two big things that make my heart tick.  I have three big gashes on my heart for the three pregnancies that I lost but I find that each of these experiences have made my arms wider and stronger to wrap around other mums and dads; not in a ‘I’m better than you’ way rather ‘oh, I feel you, let me be here with you’ way.

More About Glynis

Glynis or as she is known to her grandchildren, GG, has an extensive career supporting parents and babies.  She is a mum of three and has four energetic little grandchildren.  She is now based on the South Coast of New South Wales with her husband and their gorgeous dog.  She is passionate about health and fitness, loves living life at the beach and seems to have an energy that is endless!

Glynis began her career abroad as a registered nurse and midwife. She quickly developed a deep passion for helping and supporting parents with premature babies and young children. She worked in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) in Sydney for 30 years and as you can imagine, through this she gained extensive experience in various baby settling and feeding techniques.

Following RNSH, Glynis was employed as a Child and Family Health Nurse at the Early Childhood Health Centre in Narrabeen, NSW. She is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Infant Massage Consultant.  A well of information!

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others and her ability for helping others is immediately evident whenever people connect with her.  Everything she has done across her career has been to empower and support parents with knowledge.  She has been such a gift to parents who need help with sleep and feeding. 

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