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Are you feeling confused, frustrated or tired of what's happening with your child's sleep? Are you experiencing challenges with night wakings or day naps, or just getting your little one to sleep? Perhaps it feels like one constant struggle?


We are here to help.


Baby of Mine offers personalised programs, compassionate support, and evidence-based education. We provide a long-term solution for your family that will work with you, as your child grows and changes. We will welcome you to the Baby of Mine Tribe, our exclusive online community for parents who do our Sleep Sense program.

Our services also include lactation, bottle feeding, and solids support, along with a range of educational programs for parents. 

We offer you a single place for support. One team that has the qualifications and experience to understand your whole situation to create whole solutions. We would love to connect with you.

Baby of Mine supports your natural strengths, helping you to understand and communicate with your child. We provide you with strategies to build on your parenting skills with confidence.
Parenting is a unique journey for every individual.
It is perfectly natural to have questions. 
Baby of Mine is pleased to help you find the answers.


Educating parents on newborn behaviour, and promoting sleep.

Lactation, solids & everything health for your baby.

Support your child to find their own journey to sleep.

Be ready for anything.

 A two hour course, educating you on critical elements of sleep

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"Glynis is our angel!! 
Contacting Baby of Mine was the very best thing we ever did for our baby and for ourselves. Our beautiful baby girl was sleeping through from night three (I still think its magic) and almost 4 months later things couldn't be better, we only wish we did it sooner! I highly recommend this service and I tell anyone who asks."


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Post Sleep Coaching Support?

​We have a service for people who completed our previous services of Newborn Foundations, 5+ Months or Toddler & Preschooler services and need further support? Click here to book a Post Sleep Coaching Support consultation.

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