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Antenatal & Newborn Sleep Foundations

"Why don't they tell us this before baby arrives?".  This is a common response from parents after bub arrives!  Whether you are pregnant now or you have welcomed your little one into the world, you may have already realised there is an ocean of information and opinion about sleep, often conflicting views and commonly unrealistic expectations and pressure on babies and parents about sleep.  This service can equip you with evidence-based knowledge that can help bring clarity, calm and confidence with your baby's sleep.


The aim of this service is to provide you with some evidence-based, foundational knowledge about:

  • What does normal infant sleep look like?

  • How you can understand your baby's sleep development and sleep biology?

  • What are some of the sleep myths and misinformation you can avoid right from the start to avoid undue stress and concern?

  • What are some of the ways you can gently support your baby's sleep?

  • Being a parent to a newborn

  • Baby wearing (carriers)

  • Swaddling


It's also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 

The Antenatal & Newborn Sleep Foundations service includes:

  • Video Consultation: We will spend 90 minutes together in a session filled with evidence-based knowledge to give you clarity and confidence in the way you can support your newborn's sleep.

  • Sleep Guide: A general guide which will cover the foundations of Newborn sleep.

  • Baby of Mine Sleep Village:  You will be invited to Facebook group full of like-minded parents where you can ask questions, receive encouragement and support, access great content, take part in Q&A's and more. 

Antenatal & Newborn Sleep Foundations
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