Newborn to 5 years

Does sleep feel stressful in your home?  The anxiety, confusion and second-guessing ourselves about our children’s sleep can be exhausting and can also rob our joy as parents.  Or perhaps things are going okay but you want the reassurance of knowing more. There is so much pressure on parents and children about sleep! Unfortunately, the expectations on you and your child don’t always align to what the evidence shows us about sleep which makes it even harder.   

Common feedback from parents about the way we walk together is how relieved they feel to have clear knowledge about their child’s sleep.   They share that it’s like a weight has lifted from their shoulders to feel more calm and more confident about how to support their child’s sleep in gentle, holistic and respectful ways.


I work on the basis that we will do all the wonderful things to optimise your child’s sleep and we will remove any of the roadblocks that might be in the way.  We will do that with the utmost respect for every aspect of your child and an evidence-based view of what normal infant and child sleep development looks like.  Everything I do will be focused on your whole family and I will support you with compassion, empathy, authenticity and a deep respect for you being the expert on your child or children. The guidance and support you receive will be bespoke to your child, your situation and your family.


I look forward to walking along side you.

Always love. Annie



"Hi Annie, I just wanted to thank you so much for your in-depth plan for our little girl and our wonderful chat the other week. You honestly made such an impact to my week and I came away from it feeling 'heard' and empowered, so thank you. I really appreciate the beautiful, holistic approach that you have taken in putting this plan together for us."