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We are so glad you are here. We could jump straight into telling you all about what we can do for you but the first thing we want to do is to say welcome.  Sometimes it can feel really hard to reach out for support……some parents we speak to say they feel like they are failing if they need help.  We prefer to see it as wisdom and strength.


Whatever you are feeling now as you sit here reading this, whether it’s 3am and you are completely overwhelmed, whether you’re watching the kids at the playground and you have a quick minute to jump on here, whether you are doing okay and just need a little guidance and reassurance……we get it.  We really really get it’s not easy to understand everything about sleep and sometimes it can make us feel totally annoyed, frustrated, like a zombie, confused, anxious…….you fill in the blank.  How are you feeling about it? 

We would love to help you feel supported, cared for and to give you excellent knowledge to support your baby or child’s sleep.  You might think it’s impossible for things to shift and the idea of feeling calm and confident about your child’s sleeps seems ludicrous and downright outlandish.  Let’s connect.  We love seeing the lives of families shift this way.

Everything we do is:

Holistic: We do extensive review and delve deep into every aspect of your baby and family including general health, emotional well-being,  physical/emotional/social development, sleep history, personality, feeding, family dynamics, sleep environment and more.  It’s all part of the bigger picture with sleep and leads to how we support you.

Personalised:  The way we serve your family will be completely about your family and your child or children.  We will ask about your goals and expectations and respect different parenting styles. We see you are the expert on your child.  Our role is to add layers of guidance to create a way forwards that is most suitable for you and your family.

Evidence-based:  We are passionate to ensure that the support and guidance we deliver is based on evidence and research.  This means everything we support is based on what is both biologically and developmentally normal and appropriate. There is so much pressure with some of the modern expectations about our little one’s sleep! Our education is ongoing with continual review of new information available.

Gentle:  We believe in gentle, responsive parenting and our approach with your family and children will be based on this philosophy.

Empathetic: We love to wrap our arms around the families we have the opportunity to support.  Our care comes from the paths we have walked and the belief that as parents we walk this path together with respect, compassion and authenticity.



"Hi Annie, I just wanted to thank you so much for your in-depth plan for our little girl and our wonderful chat the other week. You honestly made such an impact to my week and I came away from it feeling 'heard' and empowered, so thank you. I really appreciate the beautiful, holistic approach that you have taken in putting this plan together for us."


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​All our services can be booked online at your convenience to make it easy to book whenever you wish.  Of course if you have any questions then we welcome your enquiry here and look forward to connecting with you soon.


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