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Pregnancy to 6 yrs

Whatever time of day or night it is.  However you're feeling right now. I'm so glad you're here.  Welcome. Take a breath and know I am right here on the other side of this website....perhaps you have been through a few.  I'm here to connect with you with love, knowledge, nurture and compassion.

I'm not going to tell you the right thing to do.  Together, we are going to find the right thing for your child, your family and your situation.  There isn't one right thing for ever little one, situation or family.

Rested children and rested families come in all shapes and sizes so the way I support you is not going to press you into a one-size-fits-all approach whether that's in relation to your child's sleep or your journey as a parent.  I support families who want to feed to sleep, cuddle to sleep, cosleep, bedshare and all the families who don't want to do those things or those things have been great till now but just aren't working out for them anymore.


If you are over feeling anxious and overwhelmed, you're really tired of the constant second-guessing, the feelings of pressure and failure from so much of the sleep information out there, I'd love to walk with you. 


If you want to have the clarity, the calm and take back the joy in your day-to-day, I'd love to help you into a better space.

If you don't want to do sleep training or want to consider alternatives, but also don't want to 'wait it out', I've got you. 

If you value gentle, responsive, respectful, evidence-based and holistic approaches to sleep and parenting we are going to be a great match.

Working together means we are going to leave no stone unturned to understand and support your child's sleep from every angle not the limited view of just how your child falls asleep or where they sleep. We will stand firmly on the foundations of what is biologically and developmentally normal. You will gain incredible knowledge beneath everything we do and also let's ditch the myths and misinformation that can create undue stress and frustration.

I'm based in Sydney, Australia but I serve families across the country and across the globe wherever time zones allow.  And if you like this approach but our time zones don't align, let me connect you to one of my wonderful colleagues nearer to you.

My commitment is to empower you with expert knowledge and support you and your family with compassion, empathy, authenticity, kindness, respect.

I look forward to walking along side you.

Always love. Annie x



"Hi Annie, I just wanted to thank you so much for your in-depth plan for our little girl and our wonderful chat the other week. You honestly made such an impact to my week and I came away from it feeling 'heard' and empowered, so thank you. I really appreciate the beautiful, holistic approach that you have taken in putting this plan together for us."

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